Watch: Strange Flying Object Spotted by US Residents During Total Solar Eclipse.

Watch: Strange Flying Object Spotted by US Residents During Total Solar Eclipse.

The recent total solar eclipse captivated residents across the US, Mexico, and Canada, as they bore witness to the rare phenomenon of the sky darkening during the afternoon. Social media platforms were inundated with countless videos and photos documenting the awe-inspiring event. However, amidst the plethora of content, one particular video garnered attention for its peculiar subject matter.

Allegations emerged from some citizens who claimed to have spotted a UFO during the eclipse, igniting a fervent discussion on the internet. The footage purportedly captured the unidentified object swiftly disappearing into the clouds. This intriguing incident unfolded in Arlington, Texas.

As anticipation mounted among Texans for the uncommon celestial event, an unexpected occurrence took place. An unidentified flying object traversed the path of the eclipse, catching everyone by surprise. Remarkably, the object remained unnoticed until it hovered above the clouds, revealing only its shadow before dissipating into the atmosphere. The sighting left spectators perplexed and fueled a flurry of speculative theories.

Sharing the compelling video, one individual sounded the alarm, declaring, "RED ALERT: A new video has emerged of the UFO sighted over Arlington, Texas, during today's solar eclipse, prompting widespread fascination as it seemingly vanishes into the clouds."

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The footage showed a dark object flying behind the cloud

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